Anonymous Thai Crypto Investor Gives Former British Prime Minister Boris Johnson £1 million.

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Parliamentary documents have shown that former UK prime minister Boris Johnson got a £1 million gift from a cryptocurrency investor in Thailand.

Boris Johnson Ltd., the firm Johnson heads, received the donation from Christopher Harborne, according to the register of interests issued on Friday, January 13. It also revealed that Johnson made the aforementioned sum for a speech delivered at Singaporean blockchain firm ParallelChain Lab.

As reported by Protos, Digifinex investor and Brexit funder Chakrit Sakunkrit hides behind the alias Christopher Harborne. Sakunkrit reportedly contributed fifteen million pounds to the Leave campaign.

A person close to Johnson has suggested that the funds will be used to help him in his role as a former prime minister, rather than for any future political endeavors.

The administration was likewise careful to distinguish between donations to the former prime minister and donations to the office. They said that Johnson did not personally benefit from the £1 million donation, but rather that it went to his office.

Since leaving office in July 2022, Boris Johnson is said to have earned approximately £1 million from speeches, while the CEO of machinery giant JCB reportedly gave more than £20,000 to help pay for his wedding.